A Southpaw's Vision: International Lefties' Day

I noticed a little while ago from a few left-handed people I know that we tend to write with our books positioned at an angle, so that we're basically writing upwards. When I realised that all the people who did this were left-handed, it didn't take me long to figure out that due to years of bumping elbows with right-handed people (when writing), the left-handed populace had to succumb to the masses, and just start writing in a way that would ensure no elbow bumpage.

In light of this noble sacrifice I believe that the left-handed people of the world should have a national holiday (preferably international), in which all lefties, marked with a bright armband of some kind, are permitted to:
- take the day off
- spank right-handed people
- recieve discounts on all left-handed items

And right-handed people:
- should acknowledge the contribution of left-handers to civilisation
- apologise for past injustices (ie forcing lefties to turn right, discrimination)
- commence building a monument in honour of southpaws
- and for a minimum of an hour, having their right arms duct-taped to their backs, as an excercise in forced empathy

I also recommend that a Left-Handed History Month be installed as a part of the recognition of the left-handed ethnicity. This would preferably be explored through left-handed cuisine, dress, custom, and a general celebration of all things left.

EBflea EBflea
18-21, F
6 Responses Mar 6, 2009

OMFG. Brilliant I to am a south paw loooove it I can however write with my right hand as well but forever will be a lefty

OMFG. Brilliant I to am a south paw loooove it I can however write with my right hand as well but forever will be a lefty

well said EBflea! <br />
<br />
international lefties' day sounds good. :)

You must be a non-conformist. Perhaps one day you may join us in our tropical paradise only known to those blessed with the left paw.

I completely agree with all of the above. However, i position my book at an angle, so that I’m practically writing upwards as well, though I’m a right-hander.<br />
<br />
I don't know, maybe I’m a subconsciously left-handed, for much of my childhood i used left-handed scissors, held my knife in my left hand(still do sometimes) as well as wearing my baseball mitt on the wrong hand. So, I’m probably the wrong person to advocate for right-handers..

Well said...Bravo!!!!!!!!! <br />
There sould be some government compensation!!!<br />
How many right-handed people can write so their pen/pencil slants to the left???? Has that perfect angle???<br />
Had to curl my arm around to appear right-handed.. so cruel!!!!!!! such abuse!!! <br />
Lefties unite!!!