Improper Or Not, I Love Being a Lefty

I'm a lefty and I love it. My uncle was also a lefty, but my grandmother (being VERY old fashioned) thought it wasn't proper to eat with your left hand, and would make him SIT ON IT at the dinner table. He's now completely ambidextrous. Lucky for me, my mom wasn't so strict.

On a related subject, have you ever read or heard of the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain?" It helps you to develop skills based on techniques used by lefties.

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2009

My mother wasn't so strict, either. She was the only one who stuck up for me, in a family of righties.


Right brained people are just plain sexy if you ask me. Creativity can be well applied in all sorts of endeavors if you catch my drift! ;)

I'm a lefty vixen but I like the right side of my brain... he,he.

i am a lifty too ..<br />
actually just a couble of days ago , i got all interested on the subject , that i went surfing the net for some info on that ,,<br />
<br />
got a little bit , but it helped me somehow ,,<br />
i never heard of the book , but i'll check it out , thanx this really helps .. :)