I Am Very Proud of Being Left Handed, Was Abused As a Child Bec of It

My father, a poor old "righty" beat me for using my left hand. Teachers threatened me and used the ruler on me (I'm 45 yrs old, so yup they did that stuff). It has been determined by neurologists and neuropsychologists that apx. 70% of lefties are still wired for language in a manner similar to righties. This is more often true of males...a gross simplification of the design and neurologic process for this entry but it does mean they can be tortured into learning to write poorly as a "right-hander"; still, female and left-handed brains display greater holistic diversity overall. 

This being said, nothing changed me. I could not switch hands for anything! I would appear to be one of the 30% destined to be left-handed no matter how hard others attempted to wean me of this "shameful" trait. FOR THIS, I AM PROUD. I believe being left-handed is a great strength and I pity those who are right-handed and lack the character and talents of those of us who are left-handed. 

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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

I applaud you. As a fellow lefty who refused to conform, you helped pave the road of acceptance for future generations. We shall NOT be assimilated into silly socially acceptable rules and will retain our divine right to be creative, quirky individuals no matter what the cost.<br />
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A left-handed salute to you! :)