A Lefty In A Right-handed World..

This might sound silly, but I hate when people put something in front of me to sign turned to the left in order to make it easier for a right handed person to sign. I have to turn it to the right. Sometimes they give me funny looks. I've even had people turn papers to the left once I've turned them to the right...

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No one likes left handed tennis pla<x>yers. After playing a mixed doubles match and winning, the male pla<x>yer came over and said he needed to play against more lefties. Right handed tennis pla<x>yers have problems playing us. Look at Roger Federer, righty and Rafael Nadal, lefty. I am a left handed tennis pla<x>yer and some pla<x>yers do not want to play me.

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I almost said that to someone once. They kept turning the paper... xD

Yep! But I always win, cause then I wouldn't be able to sign... lol

Indeed I do.. lol

we cant all be perfect.