I'm left handed, No one else in our family is just me the only trouble is when I write it's like I'm writing backwards and everything gets smudged which is really annoying.

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Alright then I'll give it a try, No it's no good I keep getting more than one key at a time.

I'll call it "Gaaza's challenges..." hehehehehehe

*rolls eyes* Henry, you are so bornig sometimes! You could at least try without the honey. lol. I think I'm going to have to start a new group called - tongue typing just for you! x Eliza

No I don't think so It'll take some cleaning off!

Go on! Type your name. I'm going to try. wg. Yuk! that tasted fowl! I suggest that you pop a bit of honey on the g, a and z before you try!

I don't think I'd want to try that.

:-O Shocking behaviour Henry. I will have to come over to the UK and tape all your fingers together and you will have to type with your tongue! *giggles at the thought of henry typing with his tongue*

No I use those for gesturing with!

Both on the left hand no doubt Henry!

I can only type with two fingers though.

So that's how you fix it dear Henry! Good idea! x Eliza

Stop writing and start typing!

Right Henry, how do we fix it???

Ah! That explains soooooo much . lol.

I was bored that's why I put left handed in one hand.<br />
They did the same with me tried to teach me to write with my right hand the result of that was that I couldn't write with either.

i was left handed when my mom was teaching me to write my name, than when i started kindergarten my teacher made me sit on my left hand and use my right hand! craziness!

I'm not sure what left handed in one hand means...Can you explain it please, Gazza? :)