I Am A Lefty

I am a lefty , I never thought it matters about what hand people used

till i was 5 years ol going to go into school. well my mother thought she would teach

me to write my name befor i went into school . well i reached for the pencil that my mother had

put on the coffie table i reached for it with my left hand . slap no you are going to use your right hand

i was little i didnt know my lfetd from right . well this went on again stupid she called me after

this went on again the same thing only this time i got yelled at your not going

to write with your left hand , that means your stupid and slow . this time she pulled me up by

my right arm and slammed me to the floor . then she started kicking me and beating me

her doing this i felted like she hated me i looked into her eyes thinking why is she beating me over this?

this went on and i looked into her rage filled eyes she hit me with such rage with every hit

she would cuss and yell your not going to be lefted handed and i got another kick.

then she said we are going to try this again. so she walked out of the room and i wrote my

name with my lefted hand she didnt see me do it ,see mommie i said as tears streamed

down my cheeks . she looked she said i dont belive it and off she went to hitting me again

kicking me slapping me yelling your so stupid you cant learn any thing , i yelled back

please stop it mommie iam trying to be good and do what you want iam sorry iam really so sorry

mommie i will do it right this time . i was so scared of my mother i wet my paints. then

i got more kicking d amn it baby your being a baby pe eing in my paints lord help me

she yelled you caused all this becalse you wont learn , i really felited she hated me .

to this day iam 45 years old and still left handed ,but the minute i see my mother in the nursing home

i change hands , iam doing my best to used my right hand not to provok her but to make

myself stronger iam lesft handed like it or not mom. i caught myself using my left hand and i for my self to change

hands , then i start rembering the beatings for being left handed then i make my self use my left hand .

iam not retarted like mom said i was or slow iam dyxlic and left handed .i eccept my self

and i love my self iam gona be lefted handed . iam a leftie and happy about it !

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
5 Responses Feb 24, 2010

yeah amen

we sould like make a campain for lefty rights

iam proud to be a lefty!!! go leftys!!<br />
i make myself use my lefted hand in front of my mother i force myself. to be lefted handed<br />
hey iam a lefty

sorry for your heartaches, i'm a lefty and my family thought that was the neatest thing since scrubbies. lol<br />
my daughter turned out to be lefty and so did my grandaughter. and we are not slow, my daughter got a scholarship to attend virginia. a softball scholarship. she is a junior this year. hehe

uter bich my mum was like yea we have a lefty boy