Lefty Laura

I come from a long line of righties my mother's whole side of the family right handed but one my Uncle Tom as a small child I was always drawn to him I found him extremely wise an fascinating instead playing outside I would read books write poetry, my uncle as always told me your ingenious you have no idea lefty Laura for I believe lefties are so intellectual they have a hard time finding ppl that can connect with them on every level I was 8. I fully understand what he meant that day you see I get awful migraines it's like i have all this knowledge and no where to put it lol my brain is to small if that makes any sense at all, my father is left handed as well the only one on his side absolute genus in my opinion for his 76 (mother and father are 30 yrs part no joke:) ) when it comes to numbers history my dad is on it he only completed a 3rd grade level but my dad is like a walking talking history book and mathematical for that matter poker, black jack, anything, he tells me sister south paw people are gifted ppl your special and not just saying that because your my daughter kid your to damn bright. For your own good you kill me he says I always beatem at Black Jack his to old I'm the new kid in town
beautifulblue beautifulblue
22-25, F
Mar 15, 2010