"hook Writing"

I'm left handed and know it can make it hard to do certain things sometimes but the one thing I don't understand is why some people do the "hook" thing with their hand. I have never had to do this, I just turn the paper sideways instead of my hand. But then again I know it's just preference and doing what feels right for you. Also I remember how mad I used to get trying to write in those spiral notebooks in school. That is probably the only thing I really hate about being left handed, otherwise I like feeling a little different and unique.
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Spiral notebooks? Three ring binders? No problem, do what I do.<br />
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I start at the "back" page and work to the "front". They're MY books, so nobody's got any business criticising. <br />
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Many Asian countries print books that way (novels, comics, etc.). The FRONT cover has the spine on the RIGHT side of the book, so that pages open and turn from right to left.<br />
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As for hookhandedness, it's sometimes a necessity when using ****** pens that blot and smear. Use fine point pens, the lines are thinner and the ink dries quicker. Your writing will smear less.

OMG the spiral notebooks were the absolute WORST!! i never liked them either.