I Am Proud To Be A Lefty But Was Forced To Use My Right Hand.......

I am proud to be a lefty but was forced to use my right hand for eating and writing by alot of people. The other lefties I have been around asked me why am I copying them while the right handed people asked why I use my left hand and it made me feel forced to use my right hand. I have known since kindergarden that I am left handed. Someone who is left handed who I recently told this to accepted me as a lefty and made me feel comfortable using my left hand by encouraging me to use my left hand for everything. Now I do everything left handed.

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

well the only thing they managed to 'teach' me using the right hand - writing. I use both my hands now, but for most things I'm too lefty. I injured my left hand a few years back and everything was a nuisance... <br />
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when the doctor was doing the stitches she said 'well, look on the bright side, it is your left hand' to which I retorted 'well, look on the bleak side, I'm left-handed!' you should have seen her face - half apologetic, half like 'you are what??'

Wow - sounds like you were part of some sick social experiment.<br />
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That's not normal.