Straight Girlfriend For Lesbian?

When I was a child I felt i'm a man trapped inside a woman's body but as i grew up i started accepting who i am and who i am not. I'm 22 yrs. old and I just came out as a lesbian to some of my friends just this month, now I'm in another challenge of my life (coming out was so hard), anyway i'm through with that. Right now I want to have a straight girlfriend, however in most cases in gay relationships, lesbians tend to have lesbian partners as well. In my case I don't want lesbian girlfriend, I want STRAIGHT.  I want a straight girl to fall in love with me. Is that possible???? 



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I'm straight and really like a lesbian girl so I do think it's possible. She is just very gentlemanly and really smart and we get along really really well and like to spend time together so it is really about the person and not her gender or orientation at all. Maybe if someone felt that way about you she could fall in love with you. I wouldn't rule it out.

I am a straight girl interested in a lesbian experience maybe more xx

Maybe you are an FTM , go on you tube and just type FTM In. Maybe that will help you, understand yourself some?

Just because she feels how she feels doesn't make her an Ftm. Many butch lesbians feel like a man inside, and even some femmes have told me that they feel "butch at heart." I have felt like this too in my life. It does not mean that I should have a sex change and have my breasts chopped off. Some gay men feel more feminine than masculine inside, but it doesn't mean that they need a sex change. Everyone is different. I have no idea why some gay people choose to go after heterosexuals. They ate just causing themselves unnecessary pain and anguish. Straight people who are secretly bisexual may have sex with gay people, but that's all they want. I have seen it happen. Its even happened to me before. There are plenty of beautiful femme lesbians out there to date. Why chase heterosexual girls who really want men? Makes no sense to me.

i would say that it is possible. you'll feel it in your heart when you find the right one, and she'll feel it too

didn't bell hooks say that some women are born lesbians and some become lesbian because they are fed up with men? I wish that I could have a woman's brain and face on a mans body!

Have you ever heard of the Kinsey scale? I'm pretty sure that the concept that created it was full of murky put-people-in-boxes-iness, but it may be helpful, nonetheless. I personally fall right smack in the middle, but as a bi girl married to a gay man, I can definitely say that anything can happen. And it's possible that what you want is someone who wants you. <br />
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I would also consider, however, that you may just be a little bit insecure that a girl who is openly lesbian may be more promiscuous. In which case, equal parts soul-searching and communication would be in order. Just a thought. I'm not saying I know you or accuse you in any way.

it seems that you're transgendered,not a lesbian.i am a female to male transgender

Being a bisexual girl myself I must say... in my whole life I don't think i ever slept with a gay or bi girl. They all say... "I don't do this all the time.. I'm straight you know" <br />
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Yeah! straight to bed! ... give me a break... saying your still straight after being with me daily for a year is retarded!