I feel so weird because I think of other girls my age in a sexual way like I want them to touch me between my legs. I want to kiss them and I have not even ever kissed a boy. I am so scared my parents and friends will find out.
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And you can add me if you want :) we can talk

Yeah, but I have such feelings and desires for only one person, she used to be my best friend n she doesn't know that I want her this way

Chat me (:

message me and we can talk, and i can hopefully comfort u

Me too. Message me and we can talk. :)

You don't need to be scared just be who you are

it is natural to feel this way u will know who u r very soon

Teens experiment. So go on and kiss whoever you want. Don't have to decide to like one or the other, Keep on having fun with whoever you want. When ever you want a serious long term committed relationship, it will be with the person who you love and admire and not with their gender, ethnic origin or anything else.

Just wait until you're entirely comfortable in your sexuality before worrying about telling anyone else. I'm 15 by the way x

no need to think of other what do u think should b implemented ..
only one life is there enjoy as much u can weather it good or bad..

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I feel exactly the same and it confuses me too.

There is nothing wrong with your feelings and nothing wrong with you. Just take your time, and don't rush into things that you are not ready for. In time, you will discover your own path.

things will work out follow your heart

Try to be a good friend, and enjoy your friends. You will find those you enjoy with have a way of opening up...

So? I was abused by an older kid when I was seven. He made me suck his ****.
Who you like is up to you as long as you are happy with it. Or maybe you are going through a phase. Either way don't let your pops find out about it till your eighteen, he might have a heart attack.