It is extremely hard for me to get over you because you already has become a part of me. Half a year I could not believe that we are not together anymore. But enough is enough! I am moving on now. I've literally tried everything to bring you back: tried to be more caring, asked you about what happened and what's wrong, tried to act cool and chilled, acted like I don't care, and I even saved your life by helping you! And also I tried to remind you about my love, tried to look sexy in front of you and even acted like your guy friend. None of them worked! I ******* waited you for half a year so patiently! When you got all distant and cold I DID NOT complain at all!! I did not call you non stop like other women! I did not whine at all!! Why?? Because I did not want to bug you. Just wanted you to give time and space. And guess what? At that time my love grew stronger and did not diminish at all. I did not do nothing bad to you, never said a single bad word to you. I was always supportive of you all this time.

You know what, nobody will love you like I do. You acted like a pms-ing ***** all the time changin your mind every single day, while my love did not die and even got dynamic by each day. You treated the wrong person like crap. You will never have someone like me in your life. That is how karma works hun.

And now I guess I have no other choice than leaving without looking back. I don't even know why you decided to leave. I asked you once you did not say anything, so I ll never even ask you anymore. My whole heart and soul was dedicated to you.

I'll move on now. And I can. I am thankful to you for letting me experience this magical feeling. But I am still bitter. I know one for sure, you lost a gem you idiot. You are selfish, not reliable, liar. And one day you ll ******* understand that I was the one who could truly love you unconditionally with your all flaws and everything.

Do you know how I look now? Half a year back I was all glowing. But now due to stress you caused me, my hair is falling, I lost so much weight, I can't even sleep at nights enough time, and I look much older now. I worried about us. But guess what, I worried about you even more. Even though we were far away from each other, I could not sleep when you were at work, working like crazy till 3 am. I was worried about your well being *****!

I am moving on today. I am trying to be strong and trying not to break. But still in the bottom of my heart I secretly wait for you. Maybe you ll realize I was the one and you ll come to my place? Ughh I am driving myself crazy. I can't help it but I still care for you. But i gotta move on to my next phase of life.

I'll put everything you gave me in the box and hide it. And the truth is I will always cherish you forever no matter what. I am forever thankful to you.

Just please open your eyes and realize that I am the one who can make you fulfilled. Cause I saw that with my eyes, I never saw you to be happy after you left. Only with me you were overjoyed. So please my dear, don't let me slip away like this. Please, you are smart..
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Nobody deserves to be treated so coldly by the person that's supposed to love them. You deserve happiness, AmberDD. In a perfect world, he wakes up & you two find it together. If not though, you can and will find it on your own. Stay strong, and give yourself the same love you give to him.

Thanks girl :)

My husband of 27 yrs is in the other room, but in my mind, he is far far away.

Awww :(. That is a horrible feeling. Hang in there!