You Know How Much Precious You Are To Me My Dear...

I have said thousands of times I'm not speaking to her again, I'm not and I'm not!!!! and to be honest there was always a reason, we don't seem to agree on anything we argue over the silly things, sometimes we are just being so childish provoking each other for no reason!

She knows how to get me angry like no one does! Sometimes she just changes my mood in one second and gets me really cranky and snappy and then she asks, what's wrong now, you seem angry? ugh you are always like this which gets me even more angry because she is the reason!!! and I'm not so innocent either, I really do enjoy teasing her Idk why, o provoke her indirectly, and sometimes I get all motherly and give her the serious talk when I know how much she hates it and that it makes her the most stubborn person on earth .... but well we fight, we leave, and we return back and do it all over again, that every time we fight I just know that we will be back!

I do not think I'm in love with her but I love her! yeah there is a difference! I just love that person, I have good memories with her and I know she is a kind person inside so I do not want to lose her even though I do realize it is not a good idea and that it will lead to .....but...!

Just a couple of days ago I was writing about her,a bout how I miss her and how we are not friends then weirdly we just talked again and we connected again and she stopped being mean to me so I stopped my coldness... Idk what happened, why this sudden change, but I'm glad because you know how much precious you are to me my dear...
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2012

It seems to me you two are having a hard time feeling free together, maybe because at your age, you both have your personal issues to solve. Then when the link is broken, you feel free again and can respect and see each other better. It often happens when people break up.

I personally think love is a form of insanity :P Wish we didn't live so far apart, we could go out for coffee and get away from all the drama in our lives.