Letting Go Of Your Past:

You did the best you could. When you're facing your failures, know that you were as good, loving, and effective as you could have been. If you were to go back, you couldn't do anything differently because that's who you were and that's what you knew then. It's done. Let go of your past.

MyNameIsCecilia MyNameIsCecilia
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Nicely penned....:)

Very true words, by letting go of the past...you truly are doing yourself a great service.

Maybe, as you said, there is a large luggage you are carrying from your past. Maybe you need some help, and is not bad asking for help, to improve our live and happiness. When we do have a head ache we take some medicine, when we feel sick we go to the doctor, but we never go to the doctor when our heart and soul is hurting, and we must do on time, to avoid more suffering. Have you ever try that? <br />
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Letting go, and forgiving others and YOURSELF, is the best gift you can give to yourself, you will stop carrying that big bag. <br />
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Listen to the song MY WAY....that probably will help if you listen it carefully.<br />
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Tks for your comments and please please be very grateful that you have a nice man by your side, you are right, and do your best to keep him. The father of your kids, is loosing the great opportunity to see his kids growing, time never stops.