Getting Over A Lemon

i am not above snooping.  i suspected him of being interested in someone else, and found out it was true, positively ABSOLUTELY true.  of the course the final confirmation happened just now, days after weve separated for who knows how long.  we were together a year and a half.  i truly loved this man. the relationship was very good for me, and now i realize he wasnt being honest, he was pursuing another, and broke my heart. 

it seems like it should be easy to let him go, that it should be no problem to move on.  for all intensive purposes, i know that i cannot trust him.  yet, this feeling lingers, and i cry. i dont know how to get past this- its so fresh. 
meeeese meeeese
2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

I think i can identify with what you went through, unfortunately. That feeling of loving him had no basis. He lied to you, you loved him truly, but his feelings for you were shallow in return. They say Karma's a *****. Your ex-will get what he deserves in the long run. In the mean time, you stop pining for someone who is so clunkingly unworthy of your love and devotion. Women are genetically wired so that when they love a man....they are loving, nurturing and devoted. Men are genetically wired to screw around. And like women who are more of a challenge. Not the woman who's faithfully waiting for him at home. Ask God, I don't why He made human beings this way. <br />
<br />
In the meantime, I would suggest you read up on some books written by both men and women that define boundaries for women in both dating and romance.

thanks for the kind words! even if you werent fully in a relationship, it can still hurt. hugs to you too!!