I'm not sure. We talked about it all today, and although she got defensive, she says she wants to work it out and stay with me. I don't know what to do i feel overwhelmed with the guilt that the way she is feeling is my fault, and a part of me wants to leave, tells me it would make her happier. I can't make her stay, I try to give her everything I can, and it's still not good enough, I still get accosted that I stole away her summer and although i try to focus my attention on her when I'm around her, she says she dosent feel appreciated for the things she does for me and my daughter, I dknt know what else to do , I sAved up Nd took her out for a 3 day birthday vacation, I try and keep the house cleaned, tell her she's beautiful everyday, kiss her good morning and goodnight, ask her about her days, try and make sure everything's alright. It's just not enough. I'm still a bad selfish person. I want to be happier by having the feeling of knowing I have a girl by my side who wants to be there and no where else. She's everything I've ever been looking for, and I feel her slipping away through my fingers.
Lost42000 Lost42000
26-30, M
Sep 2, 2014