I'm Politely Asking You To Go To Hell,*****!!!!!!

I Find You Pathetic.You Showcase Your Stank Attitude,Which Is Not Cute. I'm Sick Of You Thinking You Can Talk Down To Me. ***** I Have Way More To Give Then Your No Knees,No Hips,No Butt,No Ankles Looking ***.You Think Your Pretty I'll Give You That But Your Easy And If You Keep Trying Me I'll Murder Your ***.I Once Called You A Friend But Now I See You As A Low-Standarded Hoe With No Boundaries.I'm Not Stupid,So Don't Make Me Seem Like I Am,Especially In Front Of A Crowd. You Like To Put On A Scene...I'll Show You A Scene,Your Murder Scene.You Wanna Act All Big And Bad In Front Of An Audience Yet You Will Come Up To Me And Tell Me Your Whole ******* Life Story. Shut That **** Up.Try Me Again,And You Will Regret It. Thankyou, Have A Nice Day(:
BlackroseVsWhiterose BlackroseVsWhiterose
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 21, 2012

WOW, no person in the world no matter what they did is worth allowing yourself to get that worked up over. It takes much more energy to be upset than it does to be happy love. But hey, at least we know your a woman that stands up for what she believes in ;) <3

Hah Yeah She Wasn't Worth It.But Thankyou(:

A beautifully crafted, almost poetic rant. Loved the caps; they really accented your feelings.