A Little Over A Year...

since you made me come alive again.  A year of talks, laughs, late night texts, jokes and fights. 

In that year, my feelings have grown....changed.  I want to be close to you and tell you that I care.  All you want from me is a friend when you need to talk and a ***** when you don't.

So, it wil kill me, but I am letting you go.  I love you.
patchworkofmistakes patchworkofmistakes
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Everyone we come into contact with helps us grow and change in some way patchwork ... in the long run it's all good even if it hurts temporarily.

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I am sorry I brought up old memories. Thanks for saying you liked my post.<br />
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Minimouse,<br />
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Deal...not that we are awakened, let's find people we can give our ALL to!

Since you made me come alive again - hell, yes! I get that too! But you know what? We're reawakened, lets not go back to sleep? Lets stay alive for the new people we're going to meet?? Deal?

Wow! So much said so succinctly! Awesome post! And I am in the exact same position so thankyou for wording what I could not! Very well said indeed.