I Am Letting My Instincts All Gone.

My body used to figure out the meat I need, the food that gets my astral instincts on,
I used to need to walk during nights, taking strolls,

that's fun alright, but I got tired of it. tired of being pulled by instincts.
I figured out It's time I do my self my own, not by instincts but by my own thoughts.

I want to let go of my past energy, or whatever that is, just go away. I want to be like normal person or just a loner whatever that is except something other than human. I want to be human.

I'm letting spirits all gone their voices all gone so that only me and my own true emotions can flow
so that I could just accept my weakness.

I want to have hobbies, my free wills, my wants and not-wants. I dunno maybe I'll just take a rest and comeback as a different me again..but I want to be free anyway. out of Karmas of past lives and all. like a normal shy girl?
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Jan 11, 2013