I'm very open-minded. I prefer penis, but I can't help, but love the touch of a woman from time to time. I like men who dress as girls and transsexual ****.
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I hear you Hun I'm bi and I love transsexual ****

I consider myself transgender,or transsexual,although I am unable to freely express myself because I live with my parents,and about the penis,personally for me is a nightmare,one day I hope I can have a surgery for a vagina. I don't like the feeling of it,not even the few times I did ************,I hate the act of ***********,I like *******,but as woman I can be multiorgasmic,and also you don't worry about being exposed,you do still care about hygiene,but it's a lot better.

So you're saying there's a chance...

That's fantastic. You have all options open to you :)