Babies And Toddlers Are Attracted To Me Like A Magnet

I have noticed in the last 15 years  that where ever I go babies and toddlers are attracted to me.  Today I was in a shop looking at beads, when a mother with twin boys who were sitting in a trolley came past me.  One of the little boys reached out and stroked my arm.  The mother said "oh I'm sorry I don't know why he did that."  I said "don't worry it's ok it happens to me all the time  I don't know why. I don't know if it's my face or what."  She said "it can't be your face he didn't see it, he only saw the back of your head.  You must have an aura that they can pick up on".  I said "maybe you are right, all I know is that they seek me out, even at  restaurants they come up to me and start talking or holding my hand or wanting to sit on my lap.  Many parents are amazed and make comments like " they never do that".   Recently a little girl came up to me with a book and sat next to me at a doctors surgery, so I read her the story.  Her mother was shocked and said the usual, " she never does that to anyone".  I wonder if it's something to do with a love of the innocence of babies and little children.  They are so precious and they do know when people genuinely love them.  My little grand daughter adores me and will hold my hand for ages.  I have the same affinity with birds, they come up to me and sit next to me.  Once I had a willy-wagtail come and sit on the clothes line while I hung the washing out.  I went and got some crushed biscuit and brought it out and it on my hand. The willy-wagtail sat on my hand and ate it.  A few days later he came back  this time upstairs on the balcony.  I talked to him and he followed me inside.  My husband took a photo.  It was quite amazing.

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me too)))

me too babies look at me and smile and giggle and stuff... so cute!

Finally, I don't feel so alone. Children always talk to me and tell me stories. I thought I was crazy and so did my friends, but then they witnessed a little girl coming up and talking about what she did that day to me. I took my nephew to a bounce house place and kids were wanting to play with me, even though their parents were in tow the entire time. I am amazed. I truly believe that people like us are special. Not many people have the ease to relate to children as we do and at first, I felt so weird and awkward and felt that parents might think i'm a *********. But now I kind of feel like the Pied Piper or a super hero or even Peter Pan. I don't know if it's God's doing, an aura, or whatever. But it's amazing and cool and I believe it's a gift.