Voice of Sin

I am quite straight and secure in my sexuality enough to be able to say that George Michael has a voice of pure sin. His voice has this unbelievable sweet yet oh so naughty nature to it, it could be almost criminal for any one person to possess such a gift. I first found out and heard about him on the song Faith. It was such a funky, sexy macho song with him dancing around in cowboy boots and jeans; I honestly did a double take when I heard he was gay. In hindsight though, it made sense because during his time with Wham when he made the music video for Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go there was just something I couldn't quite put my finger on that was off. It's not that he looked or acted gay but the level of comfortability almost showing his feminine side during one scene smacked to me of someone who was homosexual. Rest assured it hasn't stopped me from listening to him and loving listening to him ever since. Careless Whisper just absolutely ranks superhigh among my list of all time sinful songs.

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

Well a lot of people Love, him! Hugs, LW