My Dad

Is the man who brought me up to appreciate Pink Floyd.
He used to sing the songs to me, whilst he has his big headphones plugged in to his stereo and I was in my bouncer-chair,
dummy in my mouth.
He even told me, when my mum was pregnant with me, he was listening to an album, on one of the tracks a baby cries(apologies for not knowing the name) and he ran through the house to find my mum and HIS baby......I hadn't even been born yet.
The songs are beautiful and poetic. I learnt to truly listen to music, how powerful it can be.
I used to love hearing our home alive with Pink Floyd music, it meant he was having a good day, he would be happy.
A lot has happened since I was a child, I miss how happy my dad used to be when he listened to Pink Floyd, how he used to sing along with them.
Now I hear this music and it truly pulls at my heartstrings because hearing it just reminds me how life has broken down my hero and my inspiration to a shell of his former self, he can't even stand to have music on anymore, I miss hearing him singing along xx
Beebopper Beebopper
22-25, F
Jan 15, 2013