Wouldn't Mind One: Memories From 1968

Don't bogart that joint, my friend. Pass it over to me. Roll another one just like the other one. You've been hangin on to it and I sure would like a hit. Lyrics from "Don't Bogart Me by The Fraternity of Man June 24th, 1968. Two months later the Chicago Police would bust up a protest against the Democratic National Convention in Grant Park by beating protestors with clubs....THE CHICAGO POLICE RIOT. And the majority of people supported this action!!! I was there...but I was smart....I ducked across the street and went into the Chicago Hilton Hotel where my Mom worked in The Coffee Shop as a waitress...I wasn't letting no cop bash my head in!!!! I knew what the police would do...a few years earlier I was questioned on the whereabouts of one of the guys in our neighborhood. When I kept telling them I didn't know where he was...the police put a phone book next to my head while another one smacked it with his club...leaves no mark but hurts like he--!!
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Sick bastards....enforcing drug laws against nonviolent offenders...and using physical injury to do it. Sorry this happened to you....sorry, too, that it's all too common WHEN will the powers that be, realize that we could SAVE money by decriminalizing....you know, like the nasty drug war that is an abject failure (and money pit...).and MAKE money on a whole new industry?? Oh, sorry...they're not really worried about all that "little" stuff......much more focused on the amount of money they get to line their pockets, and the power to make sure it STAYS that way. Yeah....nice dream tho......Big drug will never let it happen.....