Jewel - Till It Feels Like Cheating

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I think your wife is lucky too..She has you and you still care enough about her to want to be close to her..I wish us both luck..hugs

That is what I miss too.. The passion...the intensity of desire....the depth of need…Not some much even just the sexual aspects either…Our sex life is active enough, but not passionate enough..<br />
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It isn’t all my husband’s fault, though…I wish I could say it was, but we both put our personal relationship on the back burner while we have been raising kids…<br />
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Until a few months ago.. my husband and I had NEVER been without our kids.. Our oldest is 26 and our youngest is 6.…That is 26 years without being alone.. So I always figured all we needed was time alone..<br />
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Well 4 months ago I made arrangements with a friend of the family to take our kids for 2-4 days each month…I was pretty excited the first time they were gone, but you know what? We didn’t even know what to say to each other.. The next two times the kids were gone.. we both played online the whole weekend on separate computers…LMAO<br />
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The kids are going to be gone next week for 4 days and I really think….something weird may happen with the computers so they don’t work…Nothing big mind you…just something that keeps us off them while the kids are gone…LOL

Just turn off the electrical breakers...all but the refrig. We have the some...But do to kids the whole house is rated PG. Maybe G. I almost think that my older kids might have a better idea about passion.<br />
<br />
My kids were to be gone next week...not now. Faults...both I guess....the tendancy is to push each other away...Or when we are is<br />
<br />
When we have been alone its been good...almost great...but once every couple of<br />
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Obviously wishing your luck....hes very lucky

If my wife heard the words 'Cheating'...she would ask .."You want an affair??". I want the heat and passion of an affair. *sigh*

Hi DayPassion- I agree 100%... I wouldn't be here either if I had the kind of relationship with my husband that this song is about... <br />
<br />
I was really touched by the words and the video so I played it for my husband…He just didn’t get it.. *shrugs*

I had to read again the lyrics for this song...I almost want to print them out. And post em on my bedroom door. It really says what my heart desires. With that I probably would not be here...

Very nice!!