For Kelly...we will cry for you today...we will laugh with you in the hereafter....

from all who adored you so.  today we will mourn for you.  tomorrow we will remember what you have been through and sigh.  then we will rejoice that you will never suffer again as you have these past years.  you will be missed but never without the memory of your wonderful smile, twinkling eyes and knockout humor.  

justsunni justsunni
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11 Responses Jan 10, 2011

I'm so sorry for your loss Sunni. My condolences.

thank you so much..fs! today is better. we are in the stages of remembering. and so many wonderful times to remember! huggyhughug back :)

myepdarlin...pixie, cherry...aaww! yall. thank you so much.

thank you, jonpaul. so sweet of you...

I am so sorry for your loss-I am sure they appreciated your warmth and kindness.

hi can i just say that i find your tribute to your cuz very moving .Well done to you and my prayers will go out to you tonight . Be strong

thank you, aether. i know you had a tough time. this was a very special gal and although we will miss her, we have such wonderful memories, as i know you do, too.

This is a beautiful Tribute Sunni, I am so sorry for your loss. After losing my beloved aunt this past year I know all to well the pain that you are feeling. If you need to talk just let me know.

thank you so much for stopping by. this was my special cousin who died early this morning. yes, we'll all be better tomorrow.. ♥

I'm sure we are probably talking about someone different, but I lost my Aunt Kelly I love so much to cancer. She was an amazing person, I admired her in many ways- strong heart, wonderful mother, amazing singer, and very beautiful both inside and out. She always seemed happy and to care about others more than herself. We love her and miss her, and will see her someday in heaven. I'm sorry for your loss, and understand how you feel. God Bless.

thank you, pam. i've listened to this so many times and it felt so appropriate. a truly awesome song.