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Nah Nah Nah

This song always gets my blood going, if anyone can find a good version of DJ Reza's Remix, then I highly suggest listenging to that as well. :)

gypsofbabylon gypsofbabylon 26-30, F 47 Responses Feb 8, 2011

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Woman, you can have whatever you want!!! <br />
<br />
Think of me as you Alfred that just walk shadows your every move... drooling. Just tell me, "Gypsy!!! I need another bat cave!" and I'll be like "Done!"

Oh goody! Erm Gyps........Can I get Jack too?

I'm glad to hear that catsare! I can't help but love this song too. DJ Reza remixed it and played it live during a Saturday Night Sessions in LA at the Vanguard! It was so awesome and I couldn't stop moving!!!

this is a great song. i have it on my ipod and as a ringtone.

:: stabs dagger into wooden table :: DONE!<br />
<br />
My dear cabin lady, you will not only have a hat LIKE Captain Sparrows, you will HAVE Captain Sparrows hat!!! Ah ha!

Hell yeah *puts on her boots, her pirate wenches outfit and grabs a cutlass* <br />
<br />
...........and I want a hat like captain sparrows!!

Oh... and yes... you are the BADDEST cabin girl I've ever seen! ;)

LOL!!! Actually... the cabin boy does ***** work... literally. The cabin girl on the other hand... well she gets almost as much power as the captain. Basically you get to look pretty and stay cool and out of the sun, drink what you want and if you wanna get down and dirty by all means! Go on ahead... and no sleeping under deck for you Bleed, nope... you're up in the Captain's quarters with moi! ;)

Whip ! Whip! Whip! <br />
<br />
I'ma baaaaaaaad cabin girl ;)<br />
<br />
What am I suppose to do???

OOOOOHHHH NORMAC!!! I LOVE it!!! That's it then... you're absolutely right... I don't think I could find a better person for boatswain. You're weapon shall be... a whip... with cat o ninetails on the ends. Hows that?

LOL!!! BLEED!!! Like I've told you before, one day I will come to the UK, and when I visit you, I'm going to have three things... The first thing, will be a twinkie... the second thing... a chocodile and the third... a Chocolate Eclaire!!! <br />
<br />
Normac!!! Ok, we have to meet in real life... just for this purpose man!!! I want to see your face when you take your first bite out of that incredibly toxicly preserved goodness!!! lol<br />
<br />
And ofcourse to answer firegod as well as all of you... I'm only a hop, skip and a jump away from LA. :) And yes.. there will be specific duties assigned to whatever tasks I think you can perform best... <br />
<br />
Bleed's got Cabingirl. ;)

What do you call the guy in the crowsnest? I want to be that guy, unless thats what Nomac claimed already.

I have never had a twinkie! Hence my displeasure at this so called americandy store

So where do I have to go if I want to climb to this crows nest?

It IS a pirate ship... you can even crawl up the riggin to the crow's nest and sign your name on it! Though I make poeple sign a wooden block as a statement saying that I'm not held accountable for the damage that one might insure from fpossible falling off...<br />
<br />
Ok. Bleed... so Twinkies are good right??? Well Chocodiles... are twinkies... dipped in CHOCOLATE!!!! :)

What are chocodiles?? Noh we don't have those!!

Damn Nomac i don't know... I'm gonna look though!!! :)

Because it's bad *** firegod!!!.......... and it makes for a great bar for parties. :) I built it meh self!!!


I like Swiss Rolls.

You don't need to rent a boat!!! I HAVE one! I whole pirate ship don't any of you look at my pics???<br />
<br />
Only thing is you all have to join my crew.

:O.... BLEED... do you mean to tell me that that place has no Chocodiles???? S(REW the twinkies! Chocodiles are where it's at!!!

Mojos are little bundles of goodness individually wrapped and color coded for better poker playing ability.

"flip him over" LMAO fire!<br />
<br />
Yeah bad mojo jojo is the evil monkey from the powder puff girls.........I have no idea what mojos are or what they taste like. We now have a shop called AMERIcandy but you know what? It doesn't sell twinkies , ho hos or ding dongs.........what's up with that? ******* lucky charms, nerds and fluff <br />
pfft had them all before

Mine is more of a wakeboarding, tubing, laying in the sun type.

HEll yeah!!! Who do you thinks gonna supply the boat???

Oh and I think the candy tastes good. We used to use them as poker chips. You just had to make sure you ate the ones that weren't worth as much

Yup. Always up for a boat ride.

Glad you like it supermother! Thanks for popping in!<br />
<br />
::goes back to listening to the sewing circle::

awesome music. Thanks.