Northern Lights

Well, I'm feeling rather angsty today, so I'm listening to the Angst Princess herself - Courtney Love.  Oh, and by the way, I sing this song much better than she does. LOL. Really.

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7 Responses Apr 7, 2011

Ah, right you are cuddlyfella! It's one of my favorites as well. I do wonder how much of the lyrical talent she can be credited with, though. Her husband helped her write much of what went into "LiveThrough This" and Bily Corgan assisted her in writing the songs from "Celebrity Skin."

One of my favourite Hole songs. Courtney is beautful in a way thru her exquistie ex<x>pression of tragedy. Would love to hear your version though :O)

Wow. How sweet of you to say, thadius! I adore the poetic and mythical connotations, sweetheart. Thank you!

and something thing tells me your lover would never have to take so many drugs they would od. your eyes would be enough to make them feel like they have been aloughed to travel to mt. olympus and share the fines sightest with gods and a touch of your lips will make them think that the cloud that travels from apollo's chariot have touched their heart.

Awww, thank you sweetheart! It doesn't take much, though. LOL. She's quite the trainwreck!

LOL. All very true, friend. Plus, I just have a better damn voice! MUCH better!

of course you sign it better your not drunk stoned, or high on meth, coke, crack, acid, pot, angel dust, glass, lsd, and famous because of your ex-husband kurt coban.