Its My Life --no Doubt

ashleerox ashleerox
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2012

I like this version, but my favourite is the original by Talk Talk. :)

a very simple melody with some powerful words..<br />
I was just throwing down to this song on the dance floor, no real moves, seeing some real stomp dance going on from all the groups, ages, and backgrounds doing it.<br />
I would have to admit I felt tall and proud dancing to this one.<br />
Accomplishments, dreams, an individual -not lost in the crowd however...

Also freedom!!

Yeah, powerful words indeed and very suitable! :)
I remember seeing this performed live by Talk talk back in 1982 in a concert called six of the best. Wow a long time ago before you where born...lolz

hmm.. the good stuff just keeps on cumn round and round for all us us I guess