This Dude Is Awesome! :)

Ive been following this Dude for about an year now. He makes utube videos! its pretty fun, he reviews movies, shows, video games and sometimes he just talks about funny things or interesting thinks that has happened to him. He has a weird sense of humor which i love cuz i got one too, and for the ladies his cute xD and for the dudes he plays videos games :P I think his really cool cuz i wanna help him out as much as i can. So watch this video ima link u to if u like it then check out his other videos and subscribe to him if u have an account :) btw his name is Herman and he goes by Downwiththeherman :)

His Twitter:
His Facebook :

I hope u like him and keep following him, his really a great guy :)
ShesDisturbed ShesDisturbed
22-25, F
Sep 15, 2012