Janie's Got A Gun

Why is it Aerosmith weekend? I cant stop listening to them....

This song hits "triggers". I think too much.

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I fekkin love Aerosmith..... ;-)

me tooooooooooo

I am from Boston and I have worked in many rock bars in Boston. I have met Steven Tyler more than most. I've been backstage at Aerosmith concerts and in his dressing room, with a friend of course. I really got to know him when I read his book, Does the Noise In My Head Really Bother You; and I loved him on Idol. I feel bad that I pre-judged him and thought of him as an arrogant, apathetic jerk. He is quite the opposite. "Steven, if you hear me, I am so sorry for judging you; I was very wrong!"

Janie's Got a Gun is about ****** isn't it? I find it sad. It is on my ipod. I hope what happened to Janie in that song didn't happen to you :( I couldn't put down his book and it's the only book I own I don't let others borrow). Read it. You'll love it!

I take Aerosmith everyday over get stuck with Bieber....
*hit replay and sing along*

*sings along*