Some Bastages Inspire Songs

I'm sorry i suck at this. whatever "this" is.............I'm honest tho- at least when it comes to you. Despite what you think. oh and get over that whole phone thing- you have no room to judge. You disappear just as much as i do.

EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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Does he still troll these parts? Do u get to wave? Or do you have to tell him I said hi?

i will pass on the message........ at some point

Which one of you is on the rag now? *grin*

i think we both are.


lol im so serious! *grumbles*

Nothing funnier than when two moody ******* fall in love. Lmao

lmao!!!! hate u! ........ ugggh i love him. i miss him. this is disgusting. Mushmush ovah!

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