What's My Age Again? ~ blink 182

Yeah, im that immature to still laugh to no end when watching this video.

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i can play this on my guitar

Love it! Especially the free throw. Haha.


I'm cracking up. lmao

. lol

omg i love this song

. me tooooooooooooooo!

That idiot got kicked out of an NFL stadium recently. He thought that was ok.

Tell me you don't actually listen to them. It's not actual music.

pfttt! i beg to differ!!!

omg i love this song! this made me smile:) and i havent done that all week

Look into me eyes. I am controlling you now!

no ur not im blind

You've been staring at me. It's like looking directly into the sun.

highly unlikely

I agree. Unlikely that you are blind

how do u know that? and why do we keep meeting up like this stop stalkin me

I was here first. It is you stalking me. Now, please stalking me. I don't like it.

actually i came here and saw ur lame *** comment about my favorite band so i had to respond

. who got kicked out? and yes i listened to them. wtf are you on?

idk what hes on but thank u for posting this video mama

What do you consider "actual" music?

.Joey, you are aware of the fact that i dont give a fukk about football, right? who cares if he got kicked out of an NFL stadium? Blink 182 rocked. You know this. You're just being pissy for no reason

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