Yes I am only 33...I graduated HS in 97...we had Tupac, and Biggie, and yes...even Bryan Adams...but where I am from, we were a decade late on everything, lolol.....the backwoods of Eastern Ky....

I still had a mixed tape in my car which was a 1990 Pontiac Grand am. And on this mixed tape was this song...which was my own personal theme song when I would cruise...well....the hollers I guess...lolol...so picture me lookin all badass with this blaring from my tape deck...only looking normal when i had to stop and rewind it...LOLOLOL

oh youth....i so do miss you....

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I graduated in 90.. class of 97 was a bunch of punks and one really odd chick that called herself punk1n. Our tape decks in cali had auto rewind and auto reverse sucka!

Indeed, my bones sometimes creek.

My third leg?

Only if you let them know that you are a bug chaser though!

Yeah.. you saw I had the warts and you wanted them.

Diamonds that exploded with liquid glitter when you squeezed them! The gift that keeps on giving!

Figures.. class of 97 never did have what it takes.

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you are tiny little infant.. i am surprised you are not still in the hospital incubator.

Not Joyride?