Audioslave~ Like A Stone

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One of Chris Cornell's finest pieces of work. I think he is/was much better in Audioslave than in Soundgarden.

yea but audioslave is just the remainin members of rage against the machine

This I know :) Even RATM was bad ***. Not sure why they split - I'm sure it was some sort of fissure in their political idealism.

zach dela rocha wanted a single career or something

And notice what happened to this solo career when he thought he was bigger than the band? Nothing lol

true **** idk with cornell it gave them that smootheness they never had with del roacha they are that punk grundge band

No doubt brosef. Audioslave and Rage are two of my top all-time bands though.

lol yep

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I love it! :)

*thumbs up*

Right! *Troll strop* What is the matter with you lot? I have bought six CDs in three days because of stuff I've heard first on here! *Strops off to amazon to buy CD*


ok miss troll u want something to listen to go to amazon and get yelawolf

Youtubed them, wasn't my thing :^(


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this song is so great

yea it is thats why i picked it