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Family Portrait.

deleted deleted 26-30 14 Responses Feb 26, 2010

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She rocks!

I love this song.

Nice storie

Thanks for sharing.

good song...

I'm sure this song touches many of us here, be it when we were little, or even as we have grown up, and have families of our own. I love Pink for having the courage to "put it out there on front street".

Yeah 'soaking wet' so you said :p

I don't remember the words. But I do remember the tone, the mood and the artistry.

Keep telling yourself that fire. I'm sure you remember the lyrics right? ROTFL

I liked the one she did at the awards show where she was hanging from the ribbons soaking wet. And not just because she was soaking wet.

How did I miss this .. Dem every time I see this video and hear song it just brings tears to my eyes. <br />
some of those feelings are so familiar .... its amazing how powerful music can be .. thanks for posting my friend *hugs*

like this song too!

rock on

Pink is cool.