If I Seem Edgy I Want You To Know ....

I’m in LOVE with this song, it exactly says everything I want to say to all the people in the world, to everyone I know I have hurt, to everyone I might have upset,  to everyone close to me, and even to EP people, because I get misunderstood  a lot for my short temper but I’m just soul who’s intentions are good!

 I wish I could know who the real singer is! Apparently it is not just me who finds it such a special song because as I’m searching it I found many many singers have sang it and every one is singing it differently but it is all awesome.
Leaving you with it! Enjoy as I’m enjoying!

It could be him or her the original singer!


The best version I like:




Those guys are colored no chance for them lol



MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
Feb 24, 2012