Pet Interviews---bird, Dog & Cat

The person who makes these really taps into some great stuff---hysterical !

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5 Responses Jul 10, 2012

Where did you find that gem? I loved it! Thanks for posting....

Thanks for posting this terrific video. My wife and I are sitting in bed getting ready to sleep. I'm on EP and she's playing solitaire but we watched your video together and it is too funny. I subscribed to the whole series. We have three cats and a dog and the cat's attitude was spot on.

Lol. The cat is hilarious.

Wow, how creative, sweet and funny! When my wife left me, I had a sort of girlfriend, more like a woman friend, who was 42 and used to act like that bird when I talked. I guess that explains why we are not together now! Pet's add years to our life span and so much to our happiness! YaYs ^-^

I needed a good laugh, and you gave it to me. Thanks. I love this.