New Jersey Son

Steve Forbert has a great voice.  He's a local.  Sometimes plays for free at a local record shop.  This song is made to sing along with, isn't it?  That's probably why he's featuring the lyrics.

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Bless your buildin heart! We're all earlly risers around here. But I know what you mean, my poor husband had to listen to this song about five times in a row. Ha! Why do wives get such a kick out of tweaking their husbands? Anyway...resouce sites comin right up!

hope these links work.

and this:

How anyone sleeps in the mornin at your shack is beyond me ... you hit the floor rockin, doncha Annie.

Been thinkin I have some spare time to do some help ... you aware of any volunteer clearin houses out your way could use a builder?

Hi, forgot and replied in a comment. See above. I can't resist...Do you wear your tool belt slung low? ; ) Please forgive me but Come on! I'm only human!