It's Out Of Control

Many profiles I come across seem to phony. Something just isn't authentic about it. One day I decided to do a little research into some of these profiles. With the help of a very handy App Store application I have uncovered soooo many fake profiles. Even ones that I didn't suspect right away as being bulls*it turned out to be phony. I hear all the time from my male EP friends that fake profiles are everywhere and you never really know who it is you're communicating with. So, I'm listing them all one by one. I'm not making accusations without having substantial evidence to back it up. I will list not only names but also the sources of their photos. I'm sure this will make some frauds very unhappy with me. But I don't care. I know they are only pissed because their lies are exposed. Maybe this will help reduce the number of fakes here and hopefully bring back a more genuine & trusting community.
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How many females have you found have created fake male accounts? Just wondering if you have investigated that scenario.

Am I fake? :o

Not that I\'m aware of

I don't get it... are you defining a "fake profile" as one that has a publicly-available image as an avatar? Avatars aren't supposed to be a picture of yourself. It's not the case on the majority of websites, let alone one whose specific purpose is supposed to be (the potential for) anonymity.

I don't understand why anyone would care about an account featuring a picture of a pornstar unless they were a bloke trying to hit on them. It's just a sexual fantasy, pretty harmless in most cases.

The real fakes are people who pretend to be such-and-such in order to give themselves undue credibility in, say, political discussions, or even to misrepresent an ideology by creating a straw man persona -- but that doesn't necessarily require a "fake" profile image at all.

Who said I was basing it solely on a members avi? I\'m referring to those who have albums claiming its photos of them when it\'s not. Assuming you know what I\'m talking about without asking me any questions is rather foolish. Don\'t you think?

Eh, when you said \"photos\" I assumed you meant profile photos. What I said in the second and third paragraphs still applies.

There are so many fakes! I've used Tineye to weed out quite a few fakes around here.

One way to do this is to save an image. Then go to Google Image search and drag the image onto the search box.

Learn how you can do here:

PictFind is an app that searches Google, Tineye & Karma Decay all at once.

I see. That's cool!

Thanks for the tip.

find the males that post females as there avatar

I've been a member here before and deleted my account for this very reason. I was finding profiles that said they were female and really males. I find this to be total bullshit. Sick little ****** that have to hide behind a profile to get their kicks. Lets all be real here.

Exactly. Gotta keep it real.

Huh....what is the point of that, I wonder? Why would someone even want to post pics of someone else? I'm not even sure how I feel about faith in EP is waning seems as though you just can't trust people anymore....

EP is just like the real world. Both genuine & fake. Most of the fake photos are men trying to pass off as woman. I don't understand why they do it or for what reason. Mystery to me.

What is the App? You can also google search the image through a web crawler called Tinyeye

The app is in the Apple App Store it's called PicFind. It searches Tineye, Google Images & Karma Decay and gives you results for all three.

That's good b/c Tinyeye never returned a positive result for me lol I'll have to try it thanks!