sunfirevmj - uses a photo found on hundreds of sites across the web

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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

im sunfirevmj a ep user no balls at all i have seen you list and just to let you now some of my friends are on there.we have many chats and we all now the avatars are not us .so is it a crime ??? so many ***** out there want to befriend you just to look at pics so we change them .have any of you no balls have ever had your computer hacked??? i have **** my boyfriend had pics of me on his phone got stolen now im a escort in Florida.cant go to the states but have many friends there.lets say im 400 lbs and want to chat with someone so i post a nice photo of someone else but you would ***** about it that to me is a hate crime and subject to libel or slander .grow up and find something better to do .try to use your profile as you make a comment show some balls