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Hey there. Do you think it's better if we'd just flag those profiles suspected to be fakes? I mean, posting them here will only unnecessarily harass those EP members without giving them an opportunity to defend themselves. Maybe it's better to just report them to the EP staff and let them sort it out? As you said, the EP staff can require them to prove they own the copyright...

Defend being phony? Wouldn't that be more lying? Wouldn't you rather be given a heads up before it got to legal trouble? I would.

EP is based on authenticity and trust. People come together through shared experiences. When somebody is pretending to be another person and shares ficticious stories...it takes away the entire purpose of this site. We are here for commonality, support and understanding. That's not possible when people can't be real with you. Fakes only use this site as a popularity contest or to satisfy some perverted urge. It ruins the entire authenticity & trust this site is based on.

I'm not against your drive for making the site a more authentic place. It's just that all these listing of suspected fake profiles may itself be bordering a violation on the no hate content rule against fellow EP members. Perhaps it would be more productive to just flag them. :/

How is it hateful? I don't say one disrespectful, abusive, demeaning, derogatory or threatening word. It's only stating a link. No other comments or opinions...just fact.

Plus, I've already been in contact with EP support before I started this.

The fact that it is posted under the group named, "I Am Listing Ep's Fakes" and then posting a story with their name on the title and a link taken as a whole is a direct attack on their credibility. It also invites other EPeeps to disrespect or to not take seriously the said people solely because of the posts in this group. You may have no malicious intent towards them but the effect of listing them and calling them "ep fakes" will certainly be taken as an act of hate on your part.

In addition, I would like to point out that the purpose of the group is precisely to call the attention of the community towards these profiles. What would you have wanted the community to do regarding these EP members?

EP Community Guidelines define "Hate" as:
"No Hate: Content against another member or group of people (regarding ethnicities, cultures, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) is NOT allowed."

EPs Terms of Service states:
"You may not use a false e-mail address, impersonate any person or entity, or otherwise mislead as to the origin of an entry or other content."

Certainly be taken as an act of hate??? How is that hate? By who? you? Do you understand the definition of the word? There's no hatred whatsoever. Not one hateful word or innuendo.

What do I want members to do?? To do?? Nothing. Not looking for anyone to do anything. It's information...that's all it is. You're manipulating the facts and trying to twist it around. You're trying to make it into something it's not. You must enjoy drama & arguing...I don't. I will not defend myself over accusations that are not legitimate.

Must point out...your actions towards me are confrontational and harassing.

Hey, hey. Relax, relax. I didn't mean to make you feel like you're being confronted and harassed. I'm just saying that maybe it's better to flag the suspected profiles than list them as ep fakes in a group. But... uh... I'll back off now... Cheers.

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