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I love giving a sensual massage. Most of my clients and just normal people who keep coming back because I am good at achieving results. Everything about it is legitimate and professional. So how do I work in sensual massage without crossing any professional boundaries?

Some of my female clients let me practice new techniques on them. Essentially, I offer to trade a massage for some other service (usually for another massage) so that no paying anything. I explain that my usual clients don't ever ask me to focus on a certain area. I pick one area: chest, butt, or inner-upper thighs. So I ask if I can practice some techniques that I don't get to work on much. I get permission, and I work it into a normal massage.

When I'm working on a lovely lady, I love when I can see her nipples harden under the sheets or when her neck or ears become flush. When her heart is pounding, you can actually see her heartbeat right at her solar plexus. I love it when she gets turned on.

I will massage as close as I can get without actually touching anything naughty. I go right up to the line without crossing it. But most importantly, I have to make sure whoever is on the table is comfortable with it. Most women will let my hands go a little further than they thought they wanted, but I will always respect when a woman says no. When that happens, I back off and I move on. I would never take advantage of anyone on my table in any way if they weren't comfortable with it.

And yes, I get turned on. Sometimes I get really, really turned on. If she is being friendly about it, I might lean up against the table so my thigh is pressing against her hand. It's fun, and it's harmless. I would never do anything explicitly sexual, but I'm very comfortable with sensual ;)
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I agree, your massages sound like terrific fun! The fact the permit yourself to enjoy, and watch her enjoyment as well has to create electricity!

It's difficult to find the right clients for this. They are usually too reserved to give any signals one way or the other, and I always err on the side of caution because I still have my license to protect.

Exactly my problem... I hold several licenses as well and don't want a man to feel he is jeopardizing his license... So how do I give the signal? Sometimes I worry he'll call me out and bust me. I'd be mortified! But sincerely, how can i give the signal beyond my gentle writing and moans? LOL

I'll send you a PM. If anyone else wants to know, just ask.

Will do!

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You sound like you would be a fun masseur

Thanks. I do my best.

You are one creative masseur !!! Niiiiiiiice.