3 years ago.. when it's all begain, i was in the park with my friends miss around & having fun, then i saw her she was look like an angel.. my heartbeats stop for a while i couldn't breath i just stay looking at her. i didn' believe by love from the 1st sight but that moment i was sure that it's exist. i went to her & said hello & she said hello back, we talked for more than 4 hours & in this time i forgot everything i felt like im in heaven, but the moment that i can't forget it when she smiled & said i think i like you too we have to get another date :D omg!!!!! it was like dream come true. we got the date & was super great i had my 1st kiss with her <3 till now we still tegother even that there's a distance between us right now but we see eachother & our love become stronger with time & i wish we can stay together always bcz i really can't live without her she's all what i have sh's my everything.. i love you so much my sweetheart <3<3
mido21 mido21
22-25, M
Aug 21, 2014