I Live Alone

I have lived alone now for over 5 years & I love it! I can pretty much do what I want & could never imagine sharing my home with anyone again. People always ask me if I get lonely but I never have, maybe I just love my freedom & space way too much!

pitstopbunny pitstopbunny
46-50, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2008

I live by myself too and have for a while and wonder if I'll ever live with anyone else ever again. I agree, it is great especially when you want to redecorate or paint. A few weeks ago I decided to move some furniture around. I enjoy that I don't need to consult with anyone about doing it, I just to it. I don't enjoy when I have visitors (again, who I want when I want and for how long -- great!) who may be ready to leave before I am ready to let them leave so I am sad if I don't want to be alone.