Didnt Think I Could Do It

 Well folk's just to tell ya at first I didnt think I could... But have lived on my own now for two years after being married thirty eight year's.... I guess we really never know what we can and cant do in life till we have to do it.... I will admit the first year of being on my own was somthing new I had to work with to get where Im at today....I have kinda now grown accustomed to it and I like living on my own now as I can save money with just takeing care of me, I dont have no one telling me well what I can and cant do, I can clean my house if I feel like it and if I dont "well then just excuse my mess"......I can sleep as long as I like without having to get up and begin cooking.... Sure I know people probably think well " What about the loneliness ya feel"? well thats why I have my comp...But like all thing's in life there's good and there's bad that comes outta most thing's but then it's up to us to do what we need to do with it..... Wheather it be a good thing for us or a bad thing we do what we gotta do to make it work......


pinkunicorn pinkunicorn
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1 Response Aug 18, 2008

when I lived alone, i ended up making friends with all of my neighbors. i didn't think that i could live alone at first either. i ended up loving it and lived in that apartment for 3 years. those were good memories. decorating the way you want-- keeping your own hours-- the possibilities are endless... and you can always call a friend if you get lonely!<br />
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i wish you well discovering your new freedom!