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I belive that this is the best time of my life!  The kids are on their own, my special fella lives in his own house, and I can read, walk around nekkit without someone patting or pinching me, watch CNN until they repeat their shows then turn it to Discovery Channel without being interrupted; give in to my propensity of not cooking or eating after work, make plans on my own, design my own work and play space, spend or save my money as I desire; go out of town without making plans for others, have a party, overnight company or use any Sunday as a pajama day.  Refreshing!!!  I guess it helps that I'm self-sufficient, enjoy my own company and have good health.

mysticsovereign mysticsovereign
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5 Responses Aug 26, 2008

You got it going on lady! I wish I could also live alone but I must have a roommate for now..<br />
I am in college and not yet able to be self-sufficient. One day!

Brown is fabulous (..."Brown, Stick around"). Just been away from EP for a while. Life intervenes. Will write soon! Love, MS!

I have a headache too, and my T-shirt is pretty dirty and wrinkled........lol!<br />
Mysticsovereign, I hope we keep in touch, for we have more in common than you realize (isn't brown a beautiful colour)<br />

Marriage has its benefits. It's just - been there, done that, got a T-shirt and a headache! You are rich in your relationship, Dear Lady. Thanks for your support.

Whhaaaaaa! You are one lucky lady!! I wish I would have realized this before I got married. lol<br />
Keep on enjoying yourself, and don't let anyone take the good thing you got going on away from you.....you go girl!<br />
<br />
Bright Magickal Blessings,<br />
The Lady