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Welcome to Florida, home of Mickey Mouse, heat and humidity, hurricanes, crooked politictions and police, home of THE FLORIDA GATORS, sunshine, flying bugs to big to describe, South beach, Gays,[ not that there is anything wrong with that ],sandy beaches, only 90 miles from Cuba[ at the closest point ], and, last, but not least, Me

Goodguy09 Goodguy09
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1 Response Feb 14, 2009

Im really excited...My Husband has a job offer coming to the table within a week...And if all goes well we will be moving to Florida in about 2 months...Somewhere between Fort Myers and Sarasota we are not for sure yet where they will place him....We live in a small country town in Michiagan..Maybee 9000 people...But it is so cold here in the Winter..I really dont like it at all,never have..I am ready for the busy State of FL.<br />
So anyhow Im just happy to say I will be living in this State soon! Beaches:)