Living Crazy Still

well this has some what been my journal and thing have gotten worse if not better in most ways ... i lose it some times and dont even remember what i have done the trailer thing in q ville was crazy and the sex life is nuts i have a great grandson but my kids are just out to lunch with so many different things with the son it is still the mark thing and jaz it is her baby daddy and randell is still locked up... i dont know how far i will go on this melt down but i need a pick me up and soon life is just too much i am trying the staying with my friend sandy was nuts..... but i still have managed to keep my dogs.. i have my break dows from time to time and make a mess out of everything but i have been doing that for a while davontai is 9 months now so we all just have to wait and see if this person that is me will survive this **** or will life beat me 

saggy saggy
41-45, F
Mar 10, 2010