Now Over 2 Years Gluten Free and Feeling Great!!!

Several years ago I began feeling very sick all of the time. I had horrible stomach problems and would feel breathless a lot of the time. Doctors always thought it was anxiety, but I knew deep down something was not right. I always tried to eat healthy, having found out at around 7 years old I had sensitivities to milk and corn. I believed that eating bread was good for me, as long as it didn't contain corn syrup or bleached flours. Boy was I wrong! Finally about two years ago I had lost around 20 pounds within a few weeks time. My jeans began to not fit me well anymore and the breathlessness had gotten worse. This was very scary since I was already a thin person. I finally found out through research online and through a naturapath the dangers of gluten for those who are sensitive. Gluten is a protein found in certain grains, such as wheat, rye, barley, and sometimes in oats through cross contamination. Gluten also prevents nutrients from being absorbed by the body and can cause anything from malnutrition to depression to infertility and much more.

I began to gain the weight back right away practically effortlessly after cutting these out of the foods I ate. I cut out other unnecessary potentially allergenic foods such as soy and peanuts, having done lots of research to get my health back completely. The breathlessness has gone away and went away right after giving up gluten. I am now at a healthy weight again and stay on a strict diet. I have seen this strict adherence to a gluten free diet help others, especially one woman I met who's kid had Tourette's syndrome. Within a week and a half her child's tics noticeably lessened in frequency. I really believe it could help many other people suffering from unexplainable symptoms and hopefully this can help someone else. 

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1 Response Dec 26, 2008

Congrats on being G-Free and getting your health back!